Qurely Pharmacy at Chappelle Gardens

Qurely Pharmacy at Chappelle Gardens is built to serve the community. Our hand picked staff are part of the community in South West Edmonton. To follow Qurely’s motto of “We Crave to Cure”, we do our best to provide you care beyond your expectations by empowering patients to live a healthy and active life. Qurely Pharmacy strives to deliver personalized service above what you’ve experienced before.

Our Services

Prescription Medications

Your pharmacist can go through the medication and check if the right medication/dose has been prescribed for your condition.

Medications Via Injection

This service is available in Qurely Pharmacy at Chappelle Gardens by pharmacists who have received the required training and licensed to give injections.

Lab Tests

Your pharmacist can order lab tests for conditions such as high blood glucose or high cholesterol to be sure that the medication you are taking is working.

Medication Review

Qurely pharmacist can take time and do medication review for you. In this way, pharmacist can get familiar with your conditions and can guide you through the treatment.

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